Female Wellness Panel Under 50

CPT Code(s):

80053, 80061, 85025, 82977, 82248, 82728, 82746, 83036, 83540, 84100, 82670 , 84466, 84443, 83550, 82306

Other Names:

Female Wellness Panel Under 50

Test Includes:

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, DBIL, GGT, Phosphorus, CBC with Differential, Lipid Panel, HbA1C, Estradiol, 25-OH Vitamin D, TSH, Cortisol, Ferritin, UIBC, Iron, Transferrin, Folate, Vitamin B12

Specimen Requirements:

Serum (preferred)


SST, Gold

Collection Instructions:

Separate the sample from cells as soon as possible.


Specimens are stable up to 7 days at 2 - 8 ˚C for Chemistry and Endocrinology Testing. Specimens are stable for up to 3 days for CBC testing.

Rejection Criteria / Special Instructions:

Hemolyzed, turbid, or severly lipemic samples are not recommended.


AU Series, Architect i1000SR, Medonic M-Series